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What is orthodontics?

The goal of orthodontic treatment is to correct malocclusions (improper bites) and improve the appearance and function of teeth.

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Metal or clear braces are a common type of orthodontic treatment, and many insurance plans may cover some or all of the cost of traditional braces.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners, such as Invisalign, are a popular alternative to traditional braces. Some insurance plans may cover a portion of the cost of clear aligners, but this will depend on the specific plan.


After completing orthodontic treatment, patients often need to wear a retainer to maintain the new alignment of their teeth. Some insurance plans may cover the cost of retainers.

X-rays and consultations

Some insurance plans may cover the cost of initial consultations and X-rays needed to determine if orthodontic treatment is necessary.

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Orthodontic treatment is typically recommended for children and teenagers, but adults can also benefit from orthodontic treatment

It is important to have regular dental checkups and to consult with an orthodontist if you or your child has dental or facial irregularities that may require treatment.

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Orthodontics is not just about straightening teeth

It also addresses issues related to the alignment of jaws and the position of teeth in relation to the lips, cheeks, and tongue. Orthodontic treatment can improve a patient’s bite, speech, and ability to chew, as well as enhance their facial appearance.